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Pauline at the Beach Another masterpiece from French director Eric Rohmer about the different sides of love.
A Summer's Tale A demonstration of French director Eric Rohmer's penchant for exploring all the nuances of dating and sexual politics.
The Romance of Astrea and Celadon A screen adaptation of a 17th-century pastoral novel exploring fidelity and jealousy.
Triple Agent Another psychologically rich drama by Eric Rohmer, the French master of morally nuanced stories.
The Lady and the Duke An involving drama about one woman's stand in the midst of the French Revolution.
My Night at Maud's A sophisticated drama that speaks volumes about sexual politics, faith, and the delights of conviviality.
Autumn Tale In this enchanting film, our hearts go out to these well-meaning women who only want the best for the friend they love.
Rendezvous in Paris Three enchanting vignettes on the tricky role of coincidence in romantic relationships.
Claire's Knee A charming French film about the tug-of-war between a man's structured beliefs and his desires.
Chloe in the Afternoon An elegant and moral study of yearning in the life of a married man who's attracted another woman.