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By the Grace of God (Grace a Dieu) An intimate chronicle of abuse, justice, and communal healing.
Frantz A heart-affecting and inventive drama about war, grief, forgiveness, and the healing powers of art.
In the House A bold and refreshingly original French film about story, writing, imagination, creativity, sexuality, and breaking rules.
Hideaway (Le Refuge) A compelling French drama that deals with a transitional period in the lives of two people whose encounter leads to fresh starts.
Le Temps Qui Reste - Time to Leave A lyrical and heart-affecting French drama that reveals that we must each encounter death on our own terms.
5x2 An engrossing five-part anatomy of a marriage gone bad, directed by Francois Ozon.
Swimming Pool A mesmerizing and imaginative psychological thriller about the delights that can come when we explore aspects of ourselves that we have previously ignored or covered up.
Under the Sand A powerful portrait of the ways in which grief forces individuals to live in a limbo between the past and the future.