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A Passion for Seeing Bits and pieces of writings showcasing the spiritual adventures of Frederick Frank.
What Does It Mean to Be Human? A teaching story about a woman who refuses to deny her helping nature even when it results in pain.
What Does It Mean to Be Human? Recalls experiences in Africa with Albert Schweitzer who taught about reverence for life.
What Matters Frederick Franckon the spiritual practice of being hospitable to many spiritual paths.
Messenger of the Heart Presents the mystical insights of this seventeenth-century Christian alongside the wisdom of Zen masters to illustrate the bridge between East and West.
Fingers Pointing Toward the Sacred Describes the symbol that best expresses the spiritual practice of unity.
To Be Human Against All Odds A polemic against the entrenched institutions that have unleashed a torrent of crimes against humanity.
To Be Human Against All Odds A reminder that ecological "infractions" are crimes against humanity.
Fingers Pointing Toward the Sacred A robust and imaginatively engaging spiritual safari by a highly gifted artist, sculptor, and seeker with a shining trans-religious vision.
Zen and Zen Classics R.H. Blyth, in a book edited by Frederick Franck, with anecdotes about becoming open.