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Science and the Search for God Gary Kowalski's case for how religion provides unity and coherence to desperate situations.
Blessings of the Animals Gary Kowalski on needing help from all our relations.
Blessings of the Animals Delightful essays about the author's ardent spiritual practice of reverence toward all animals.
An Interview with Gary Kowalski The author talks about his book Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet.
Goodbye, Friend Gary Kowalski on developing a memorial or ceremony after the death of a pet.
Goodbye, Friend Compassionate wisdom on dealing with an ailing pet or the loss of an animal companion.
The Souls of Animals Gary Kowalski on finding hope in the eyes of animals and others.
Science and the Search for God Pays tribute to the importance of wonder in appreciating the mysteries and the marvels of the earth on which we live.
The Souls of Animals An extraordinary resource on the spiritual capacities and gifts of animals.