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What Is Truth? A body prayer and chant to let go of illusion and open to truth.
Hitbodedut A prayer practice to release and make space for a renewed spirit.
The Five Levels of Soul Guided visualization and chanting to prompt a mystical experience of your soul.
Shviti Practice A visualization to fill yourself or another with the light and love of God.
Preventing Blood on Your Doorposts Encouragement to take a sacred pause.
Reframing Gelt A way to practice the mitzvah of learned giving.
In the Image of G*d An embodied meditation on the letters yud hey vav hey.
Breathing the Name A simple breathing practice to restore your equanimity.
Your G*d Experiences A reflection on your experience of G*d.
The Welcoming of Guests A suggestion for an exciting way to celebrate Sukkot.