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Faces of Muhammad Historical context for European portrayals of Islam and its founder over the centuries.
Prayers for People Who Say They Can’t Pray A collection of prayers that will broaden your perspective on what prayer is and what role it can have in your life.
Prayers for a New Millennium An inspirational booklet of prayers that reflects a lifetime of Benedictine spirituality and devotion.
Cultivating Compassion An accessible how-to guide with exercises to transform the mind and heart.
WiseUp A guide to counter extremism and Islamophobia, and to become an ambassador for peace.
Muhammad A collection of different and imaginative ways of meeting the life and teachings of the prophet Muhammad.
Circle of Compassion Simple meditations to help integrate caring for the self with caring for others.
The Compassion Book Kernels of wisdom to practice in daily life.
Compassion Is the Key to Everything Reflections on discovering who you want to be and recommendations for how to make it happen.
For Praying Out Loud A guide to drafting inclusive prayers with an abundance of examples from leading figures.