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The Market as God A look at how the celebration of Christmas is changing as The Market co-opts its symbols.
The Market as God An assessment of The Market as an ersatz religion with its own all-encompassing worldview.
How to Read the Bible A useful book on three ways to explore Jewish and Christian scriptures revealing the wisdom Cox has accrued from years from teaching.
How to Read the Bible How the Bible has shaped our civilization.
When Jesus Came to Harvard Harvey Cox on Jesus and his views of peace.
The Future of Faith A helpful and hopeful overview of church history and the positive dimensions of the Age of the Spirit we are now experiencing.
The Future of Faith Harvey Cox's realization that Christianity is not a creed and faith is more a matter of embodiment than of axioms.
When Jesus Came to Harvard Relates the stories of Jesus and stories about him to some of the most nettlesome ethical and moral conundrums of our times.
Fire from Heaven A profile of the fastest growing Christian movement on earth.