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The Practice of Finding An exceptional spiritual work with plenty of practices for discovering the blessings in our lives.
Feasting with God Holly W. Whitcomb on heart (or love) metaphors.
Practicing Your Path Tailor-made for small groups within the Christian community.
Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting Holly W. Whitcomb on the value of waiting, which relates to hope.
Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting Ways waiting can become a spiritual teacher.
Feasting with God Presents food-focused rituals that are imaginative, playful and hospitable.
The Practice of Finding A variety of ways to explore the spiritual practice of finding.
Holly W. Whitcomb in Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting Waiting teaches us to live life in increments
Holly W. Whitcomb in Feasting With God Cooked food has no owner
Kelton Cobb in Feasting With God The table has God's fingerprints all over it