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A Seat at the Table A message from Native Americans on living fully and celebrating this Hour, this time in history.
Tales of Wonder Ninety-year-old Huston Smith's summary of what is important to him now about his Christian faith, his understanding of God, and his life in an assisted-living residence.
Tales of Wonder An autobiography, one of the best books of the year, that describes a creative, visionary, edifying, and appealing spiritual adventure.
And Live Rejoicing A sprightly sequel to Huston Smith's spiritual memoir Tales of Wonder.
And Live Rejoicing Huston Smith on why the truly spiritual person is wonder-struck.
The Huston Smith Reader Jeffrey Paine on how Huston Smith got an insider's view of the world's religions.
The Huston Smith Reader A wonderful crosscut of writings from Huston Smith from the past 60 years.
A Seat at the Table A useful overview of the challenges faced by those practicing Native American spirituality.
The Soul of Christianity An erudite examination of the essential teachings of Christianity.
The Way Things Are Philosophical insights, cross-cultural epiphanies, religious truths, memorable stories, and a wonderful batch of juicy quotations about the human adventure.