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Beauty, Truth, Life, and Love A Quaker vision of thriving.
Beauty, Truth, Life, and Love A description of how a tapestry can be an analogy of the abundant life.
Finding God in the Verbs Jennie Isbell and J. Brent Bill on how to become a grace-spotter.
Finding God in the Verbs Exercises and practices to help you establish a creative, meaningful, and flourishing prayer life.
Holy Silence An overview of the importance of holy silence in different traditions.
Awaken Your Senses A call for Christians to listen to the report of their senses and see the world afresh in wonder and gratitude.
Awaken Your Senses J. Brent Bill and Beth Booram on awakening your senses to the wonder of God.
Sacred Compass J. Brent Bill on walking the prairie as a metaphor for moving through life watching for signs.
Imagination & Spirit Why faith is a great frontier to be explored.
Imagination & Spirit An excellent anthology of ancient and modern Quaker writers.