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Maurice A beautifully photographed film with top-drawer performances from a fine cast.
Jefferson in Paris Ample pleasure for those who appreciate subtlety and sophistication in their movie fare.
Mr. and Mrs. Bridge Admiably portrays the different seasons in a long marriage of a Midwestern couple.
The Europeans An engaging study of manners and morals.
Heat and Dust Weaves a magical spell as an exploration of romance and as a sensitive cross-cultural study.
Le Divorce A little gem that sparkles with insights into the cross-cultural spats between the Americans and the French.
Surviving Picasso Covers ten turbulent years in the life of this major luminary of 20th century art.
The City of Your Final Destination A sophisticated drama about love and literary matters skillfully and sensitively directed by James Ivory.
A Room With a View A lovely looking film that captures Forster's scorn for individuals tethered by class distinctions and social conformity.
The Bostonians A literary work with exquisite production values and a vivid portrait of class differences in Boston social life at the turn of the century.