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Drawn into the Mystery of Jesus through the Gospel of John Salutes the spiritual practices of unity and peace as an antidote to the separations of our time.
Befriending the Stranger A radical overview of the spiritual practice of hospitality.
Jean Vanier A substantive overview of the life and work of Jean Vanier.
From Brokenness to Community The Wit Lectures at Harvard Divinity School by the founder of a movement of service to people with mental disabilities.
Encountering "The Other" Proclaims openness and reconciliation as paths to peace in a world of diversity and many differences.
Becoming Human A simple but profound meditation on the process of becoming human.
Seeing Beyond Depression An exploration of this contemporary malaise which offers some surprising antidotes.
The Scandal of Service Sees the act of footwashing as a symbol and a prophecy of the kingdom of God.
Our Journey Home Describes the softening of the heart which is part and parcel of the last stage of life.
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