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Marie's Story A remarkable spiritual drama about compassion, loving, and creative caregiving.
A Very Long Engagement A romantic film to take to heart with its incisive portrait of a determined young woman's unswerving love.
Amelie An immensely entertaining French film about an imaginative young woman who has a wonderful capacity for doing acts of kindness.
Young Ahmed (Le Jeune Ahmed) An intense and sobering portrait of both sides of the spiritual practice of zeal.
Lorna's Silence Sobering drama about a poor Albanian woman living in Belgium and trying to keep her head above water in hard times.
The Child (L'Enfant) A hard-hitting and involving morality tale about the thief in the heart of a greedy young man.
La Promesse A raw, intense, and engaging anatomy of a fifteen-year-old boy's moral coming -of-age in a bleak Belgian town.
Two Days, One Night A triumphant drama by the Dardenne brothers about a heroine who demonstrates grace under pressure.
The Kid with a Bike A salute to the art of empathy and the need to cultivate it in our approach to troubled kids on the fringe of society.
Rosetta The drama vividly conveys the stunted emotional and spiritual life of a teenager who has no time for anything except the struggle to survive.