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The Essential Rumi A poem by Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks, about the desire for God.
The Spiritual Poems of Rumi A call to let in more light moment by moment.
The Love Poems of Rumi A calling to reflect the Divine.
The Spiritual Poems of Rumi Encouragement to fill to the brim with essence.
The Love Poems of Rumi Translations of Rumi that will nurture your mystical yearnings.
Rumi Day by Day You are a mystic pupil
Rumi Day by Day Wisdom that is both mystical and practical from Rumi's six-volume Massnavi.
Soul Fury A version of a Rumi quatrain on love.
Soul Fury Commentaries and versions of mystical poetry and sayings by Rumi and his spiritual friend Shams Tabriz.
The Rumi Collection Kabir and Camille Helminski with three of Rumi's poems on beauty.