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Sophie Learns to Be Brave A meditation on being safe and free, wrapped into a story about wishing well for others.
Standing at the Edge An important work on compassion, five close virtues, and a path to transform obstacles into fresh possibilities.
The Fruitful Darkness Joan Halifax on the meaning of mountains.
Being with Dying An extraordinary collection of teachings, personal stories, meditations and spiritual practices on being with dying.
Shamanic Voices Joan Halifax on how shamans are responsible for restoring balance and harmony in communities.
A Buddhist Life in America A transcript of the 1995 Wit Lecture given at Harvard Divinity School.
Being with Dying A superb 6-cassette audio retreat about the spiritual practices (mindfulness, deep listening, silence, compassion) useful in work with the dying.
The Fruitful Darkness Accounts of the author's spiritual adventures with indigenous peoples in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.
Shamanic Voices A look at shamanism along with visionary narratives by indigenous shamans.