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To Bless the Space Between Us A reverent and inspiring collection of blessings from the Irish poet and Celtic scholar.
Anam Cara An eight-hour retreat using Celtic poetry, mythology, and blessings to shed light on the mysteries the soul.
Eternal Echoes A three-hour exploration of the crisis of belonging in our time when so many people feel isolated and cut off from the sources of life.
Echoes of Memory Elegant and sleek poems from John O'Donohue's first book.
Anam Cara A book to stir your soul and stoke the fires of your imagination.
Beauty An imaginative, sweeping, and enthusiastic survey of this spiritual practice.
Eternal Echoes A juicy, imaginative, devotional work about the creative tension between longing and belonging.
To Bless the Space Between Us A salute to blessings as a way of life and a source of meaning, beauty, wonder, grace, healing and transformation.
The Invisible World A poetic and sensuous anatomy of prayer.