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Passion for God Jurgen Moltmann and Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel on how watching and praying are all about attentiveness in the Christian faith.
Science and Wisdom Jurgen Moltmann on homelessness and the spiritual practice of compassion.
Passion for God Theological essays on suffering, violence and God; the cross of Jesus; embodiment; spirituality; and friendship.
Experiences in Theology A German theologian pays tribute to the spiritual practice of unity.
The Spirit of Life Jurgen Moltmann on the meaning of a Spirit "poured out upon all flesh."
Science and Wisdom A good case for honoring the mysteries of the universe and approaching the created world with wonder.
The Spirit of Life A theological work explicating the work of the third member of the Trinity.
Experiences in Theology Examines the lineaments of Christian theology.
The Source of Life Challenges us to ponder the outpouring and the indwelling of God in hope, the charismatic powers of life, spirituality, ecology, and prayer.