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The Mysterion Examples of the Sufi practice of adab in everyday life.
The Mysterion Seven Practices for Developing Spiritual Perception
The Mysterion A masterwork on the Sufi worldview as taught by Rumi and practiced through everyday spirituality.
In the House of Remembering A poem by Rumi followed by reflections about presence and love.
In the House of Remembering Thirty sohbets or spiritual conversations about the Sufi path from a shaikh of the Mevlevi Order.
Holistic Islam A fresh understanding of Sufism as offering a spirituality adequate to our times with its purpose of drawing near as a friend of God.
Holistic Islam A call for a renewal of Islam by applying its wisdom to contemporary problems
The Book of Language Kabir Helminski on recognizing beauty as something that draws us into relationship with the Divine.
The Rumi Collection Kabir and Camille Helminski with three of Rumi's poems on beauty.
The Knowing Heart Kabir Helminski on the transformative powers of love.