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The Wind That Shakes the Barley A poignant drama about Ireland in the 1920s and the violence that tears apart the fabric of community and pits brother against brother.
Singing the Blues in Red A sophisticated political film which is both insightful and engaging.
My Name Is Joe Portrays the invisible class barriers and ways of seeing the world that can hobble the future of lovers.
Bread and Roses A mesmerizing drama about a young Mexican woman and her co-workers, all office cleaners and janitors, who are inspired to struggle for justice by a union organizer.
Looking for Eric A tribute to the power of friendship to help pull us through crises and handle problems which are too hard for us to solve ourselves.
Jimmy's Hall A stirring morality play about creating community, leading others, and having respect for one's enemies.
Sweet Sixteen A gritty film directed by Ken Loach about the spiritual dynamics of hope in the life of a resourceful and brave teenager living in poverty in Glasgow.
Carla's Song A striking and memorable film about the emotional firefights that flare up when the personal and the political are linked.
I, Daniel Blake An award-winning film that puts you in the shoes of people coping with poverty and the bureaucracy of England's welfare system.