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The Flowing Grace of Now How and why small things can be a spiritual teacher for you.
The Flowing Grace of Now A year-long spiritual journey with a wide variety of teachers.
Seven Sacred Pauses Macrina Wiederkehr on the importance of honoring the hours through pauses in the day.
The Circle of Life Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr's devotional resources celebrating spring and hope.
Seasons of Your Heart An exquisite devotional work with meditations on wonder, hope, love, mystery, and faith.
Abide Macrina Wiederkehr on the spiritual practice of dressing ourselves with virtues.
Abide Inspiring and imaginative approaches to the Word of God.
Seven Sacred Pauses A wonderful devotional resource that makes the practice of the Divine Hours relevant to our movement through the sacred rhythms of the day.
The Circle of Life A wonderful devotional resource about nature as a great spiritual teacher.
A Tree Full of Angels Macrina Wiederkehr on how to learn to look with loving acceptance rather than having expectations.