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Create a “Hope Chest” A re-envisioning of the hope chest to bring you hope when you need it.
Hope Heroes A suggestion to collect biographies and other works by "hope heroes."
The Cycles of Nature A recommendation to find reassurance in immersing yourself in nature.
Honey Jar How to make a Honey Jar as a gratitude practice.
To All Living Beings A Sioux prayer for guidance on the good road.
May It Bear Fruit A petition for all difficulty to yield benefit.
Your Loving Presence An appeal for God's assistance with trust and truth.
George Washington Carver in Prayers for Hope and Comfort I love to think of nature
Mohammad in Prayers for Hope and Comfort None of you will have real faith until
Maggie Oman Shannon in Prayers for Hope and Comfort A Hasidic saying about honoring our uniqueness.