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Disarmed by Social Media Societies depend on dialogue to function well. These days social media allows us to talk more than ever, but often that means declaring our opinions: talking "at" instead of "to" others. This approa…
Trusting in Life Video talks by the Benedictine brother and texts exploring faith as a deeply rooted attitude towards life.
Engaging Hope - 2020 (May 4 - 29) Ways to become aware of the opportunity that a given moment offers, freeing us from predictability.
Choosing to Love - 2020 (Aug. 31 - Sept. 25) An exploration of the deep experience of belonging.
Forest Bathing An exercise to do while you are in a forest or other spot of nature.
God Is Young Pope Francis's comments on the challenges facing young people.
Everyday Gratitude A daybook with quotes and questions to help you discover the blessings in your life.