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Melannie Svoboda A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Melannie Svoboda, retreat leader, novice director, and author.
Treat Yourself Reflections on a lack of self-esteem and the need to be more compassionate towards one's self.
Easter Surprises A suggestion for celebrating Easter through surprises.
Hanging Onto Hope A paean to hope and a prayer to live with it.
Hanging Onto Hope Wise and inspiring counsel on a spiritual practice desperately needed in our times.
When the Blue Heron Flies A poem by Melannie Svoboda about God.
Traits of a Healthy Spirituality Melannie Svoboda on the challenges and difficulties of the spiritual practice of hope.
By the Way Melannie Svoboda on never being alone.
When the Blue Heron Flies Melanie Svoboda on how the road to God is not long.
When the Blue Heron Flies Prayer-poems which affirm wonder in everyday life.