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White Noise An unforgettable movie about family, disasters, consumerism, addiction, and finding meaning in surprising places.
Marriage Story Portrait of an unsatisfying marriage and a messy and sad divorce.
The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) A hard-hitting dramedy about the emotional fireworks set off by anger.
Mistress America A comedy about two stepsisters finding ways to support each other during a period of transition in both their lives.
While We're Young A poignant comedy about a middle-aged couple who are stuck-in-a-rut in their marriage and work and yearn for a different life together in love.
Frances Ha The comic misadventures of a quirky young woman who falls down seven times but gets up eight.
Greenberg An original and fresh romantic comedy about a difficult person who is trying to get unstuck from his bad habits, cynicism, and fear.
Margot at the Wedding Explores with élan and comic energy the difficulties of the sibling bond and the mixed feelings we often have for those who share our history.
Margot at the Wedding Explores the sibling bond in all its maddening complexities.
The Squid and the Whale An open, honest film that allows us to enter and freely share in the emotional upheavals of all the members of a dysfunctional family.