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Compassionate Choice Practice Worksheet An hour long practice to guide you from being triggered to gaining perspective and balance.
Compassion and Forgiveness A 15-minute meditation for when you are hurt by somebody.
Love and Kindness A 10-minute self-compassion practice.
Long-Standing, Recurrent, Painful Patterns A 15-minute embodied imagination practice for transforming recurring upset or conflict.
The Mindful Pause A practical short meditation for when you feel triggered.
An On-the-Go Heart-That-Cares-For-All Practice A 20-second practice for a caring heart.
Mindful Self-Care Phrases for practicing loving-kindness and cultivating self-compassion.
Dissolving Hopelessness A Bodhichitta prayer practice to free yourself from feelings of depression and renew your zest for life.
When I Am Angry A short meditation for dealing with our anger.
When I Feel Criticized or Snubbed A short meditation for cultivating self-compassion in the face of rejection or criticism.