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Judaism without Tribalism Manifesting God in the world.
Judaism without Tribalism A rabbi's vibrant, re-imagining of Judaism, with new looks at the meaning of teshuvah and tikkun, Jews as a tribe or family, and fresh approaches to sacred texts.
For Every Little Thing A prayer for finding God even in unexpected places.
The World Wisdom Bible A collection of sacred texts illustrating the sweep of global spirituality.
The World Wisdom Bible Points of Agreement among religions supporting perennial wisdom.
Accidental Grace A poem about the meaning of life.
Accidental Grace A collection providing more evidence of Rabbi Rami's inimitable creativity and crazy mystical wisdom.
Embracing the Divine Feminine How to use the Song of Songs for spiritual awakening.
Embracing the Divine Feminine A new translation and insightful commentary on the Song of Songs.
Ethics of The Sages Rami Shapiro with wisdom sayings of the early Rabbis.