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Dark Times A practice to unify our experience of darkness and light.
Feathers in the Wind A teaching story on the difficulty of rectifying thoughtless speech.
Rabban Gamliel in Wisdom of the Jewish Sages Desire only that which has already been given
As You Are, So May I Be A devotional prayer to be a beacon of peace.
An Accounting of the Soul Advice on practicing 'cheshbon hanefesh' and 'tikkun.'
Count Your Words A practice to encourage gentle speech from a Hasidic master.
A Bouquet of Kindness Practices An array of exercises to cultivate lovingkindness.
Contemplative Comprehension The practice of Tevunah for a state of spacious awareness.
Breathe Shalom A practice for when horror takes our breath away, breathing "shalom" for those who can't, those who won't, and those too afraid to even try.
Shema: Listen A breath practice utilizing the traditional Jewish prayer, the Shema.