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Dancing on the Head of a Pen A relaxed, pensive, and insightful glimpse into the writing life.
Dancing on the Head of a Pen Robert Benson on making the most out of silence and solitude for creative endeavors.
Between the Dreaming and the Coming True Robert Benson on saying good-bye and listening to what God says through good-byes.
Between the Dreaming and the Coming True A spiritual autobiography about the manifold ways the Holy One is spelling out meaning in our lives.
An Interview with Robert Benson Frederic talks to the author on why he wrote Moving Miss Peggy about his mother's dementia and what families can learn from it.
Moving Miss Peggy Robert Benson on caring for someone you love who no longer knows the day of the week.
Moving Miss Peggy A lucid, touching, and wise portrait of the love and loss that comes with old age and chronic disease.
The Body Broken Robert Benson's suggestions on removing the walls that divide us while honoring our differences.
A Good Neighbor Robert Benson on humility as the basic posture from which we are able to build and to live in community.
In Constant Prayer Robert Benson on a variety of habits and places of devotion.