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Ten Poems for Difficult Times A top-drawer collection of poems to cling to as life rafts.
Ten Poems for Difficult Times A poem by Jan Richardson pondering the light in our lives.
Dropping the Struggle A guide to a deeper response to the mystery of life than struggling to make things different than they are.
Dropping the Struggle Why our presence is the richest gift we can offer ourselves.
Ten Poems to Set You Free A poem by Miguel de Unamuno on being present to your work.
Ten Poems to Last a Lifetime A poem by Billy Collins on you.
Keeping the Faith Without a Religion A beautifully written explanation of a secular spirituality for the seekers of our times.
Seven Sins for a Life Worth Living Roger Housden on being open to beauty and wonder in art and in life.
Ten Poems to Say Goodbye Jane Hirshfield's poem "When Your Life Looks Back."
Ten Poems to Set You Free Naomi Shihab Nye's poem "So Much Happiness" and commentary by Roger Housden.