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In the Absence of God The value of reverence as a core component of civilization.
In the Absence of God A call for the renewal of the world's religions through elemental emotions, rituals, communities of concern, and the quest for justice.
Sightings Twelve well-written and creative essays designed to draw out our wonder and respect for the beauty and mystery of birds and other creatures.
Hymns to an Unknown God A book of deep spiritual wisdon and down-to-earth practicality.
Faces of the Enemy A watershed work on the intertwining of enmity, propaganda, and warfare that urges us to find an alternative to the idea of redemptive violence and the warrior mythology.
Telling Your Story An extraordinarily useful resource which challenges us to explore the stories of our lives.
To Love and Be Loved Explores sixteen different elements of love from attention to enchantment.
Hymns to an Unknown God Sam Keen on what is needed for a shift to a compassionate culture.
Learning to Fly An exuberant and lyrical meditation on the art of flying.
Inward Bound A creative and thought-provoking examination of boredom.