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In the Absence of God The value of reverence as a core component of civilization.
In the Absence of God Sam Keen on the shadow in America and in his own complicity with the sins of the nation.
In the Absence of God A call for the renewal of the world's religions through elemental emotions, rituals, communities of concern, and the quest for justice.
Faces of the Enemy A process of self-examination to help us be conscious of our warrior psyche and remove the beam from our own eye.
Faces of the Enemy What is necessary to counter our tendencies toward cruelty and revenge.
Sightings Twelve well-written and creative essays designed to draw out our wonder and respect for the beauty and mystery of birds and other creatures.
Hymns to an Unknown God A book of deep spiritual wisdon and down-to-earth practicality.
Telling Your Story A look at how we invent stories to find meaning.
Inward Bound A recognition of the patience required to build inner riches.
Beginnings Without End Sam Keen on being open to the middle way or neither ecstasy or depression.