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The Shaman's Toolkit Sandra Ingerman on bringing in your light to help change the world.
Soul Retrieval Accounts of shamanic treatments for soul loss and the transformation that can occur after the soul is brought home.
Walking in Light The tradition seen in many countries of tying prayer ribbons to the branches of a tree to support others.
Medicine for the Earth A presentation of shamanism as an approach that can help us live in harmony with nature.
Walking in Light A practice-oriented resources that reveals all the connections that stem from shamanic journeying.
Welcome Home An affirmation of passion, creativity, and compassion as healing pathways.
The Shaman's Toolkit Ceremonies and arguments for making human beings good caretakers of the Earth.
Soul Retrieval Sandra Ingerman's spiritual exercise on discovering what a lie does to the body.
Welcome Home Sandra Ingerman on trusting your psyche to know how to heal.
Awakening to the Spirit World A wise and comprehensive overview of the ancient spiritual practice of shamanism with its meditative, healing, and transformative capacities.