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Soul Gardening Reveals how a garden can be a place to nurture the soul and be truly present to life.
The Power of Pause Terry Hershey's recommendation that we savor all the ordinary pleasures and activities of a day without the heaviness of expectation, worry, or fear.
Sanctuary A wonderfully soothing book about sanctuary as a place of grace and healing.
Soul Gardening Terry Hersey on cultivating a good life through gardening the soul.
The Power of Pause Challenges us to savor pauses when we can slow down, rest, and recuperate from the stress and pressures of doing.
Sacred Necessities Qualities of the soul that go against the cultural grain and provide meaning to spiritual people.
Sanctuary What Terry Hershey learned on his grandmother's porch string about the blessings of having a sanctuary.
Sacred Necessities Terry Hershey's devotional efforts to be quiet and find the inner sactuary of her soul.