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Reawakenings Thomas Keating's story of faith about Jesus asleep in the boat during a storm.
The Human Condition Thomas Keating on repentance and the spiritual practice of transformation.
Spirituality, Contemplation & Transformation Thomas Keating on practicing devotion through self-surrender and abandonment to God's will.
Manifesting God Thomas Keating with a salute to the spiritual practice of peace as the outcome of the contemplative life.
Active Meditations for Contemplative Prayer Inspiration and guidance to those who want to practice contemplative prayer.
Intimacy with God Thomas Keating on Divine energy always flowing in and through us as a sign of the Creator's presence.
The Kingdom of God Is Like... Startling and fresh interpretations of Jesus' parables.
The Contemplative Journey A twenty-four teachings series about centering prayer, divine therapy, the false self, closeness to God and service of others.
Open Mind, Open Heart An in-depth overview of centering prayer.
Reawakenings A challenge to Christians to wake up and watch for instances of God's ample showings in this palpable world.