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Thomas Moore A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Thomas Moore, pioneer explorer of the sacred art of soulful living, lecturer, prolific writer, former Catholic monk, and ps…
Fairy Tales An exploration of the many metaphors and extended meanings in fairy tales.
A Universal Christmas Embracing the wonder and magic of the Christmas spirit.
Ageless Soul An uncommonly good companion for your spiritual journey as an elder.
Ageless Soul Thomas Moore on the value of religion for elders.
Soulful Aging An e-course on aging as the positive lifelong process of becoming a person.
The Practice of Compassion: A Multifaith Guide An exploration of compassion practices in six traditions.
The Soul of Christmas Thomas Moore on why Santa is a holy figure.
The Soul of Christmas A guide to pondering and incarnating the soulful meanings of Christmas.
A Life at Work Thomas Moore on life as a mystery of who we are.