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Little America A joyous collection of portraits of immigrant experiences inspired by true stories.
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo Eight-part series in which the tidying expert helps clients come to a spiritual relationship with their possessions.
11/8/16 Thought-provoking documentary by 18 directors on the drama, the varied political talk of citizens, and the surprises of Election Day 2016.
Rio, I Love You Ten filmmakers probe the many different shades of love in the Brazilian city.
Downton Abbey: Season 6 The final season of the popular series with more changes than ever in store for the characters.
Indian Summers A glimpse of the last gasp of the British Raj in India with its nationalistic pride and its toxic racism.
Downton Abbey: Season 5 A fifth season of the drama with the familiar themes of adaptation to the modern world and dealing with the many shades of love.
Downton Abbey: Season 4 Another season of making choices between going forward or retreating to the past by the upstairs family and downstairs staff in a 1920s British estate.
Downton Abbey: Season 3 Unwelcome surprises and unexpected developments in the third season of the British drama set in 1920.
Years of Living Dangerously: The Complete Series An Emmy Award-winning documentary series on the multifaceted consequences of climate change.