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No Complaint A mantra for fostering contentment.
What You Want A prayer to accord our personal will with that of the Creator.
Sabbath A teaching story about the wisdom of waiting and resting.
Blessing for Loved Ones A blessing for those you love.
Wayne Muller in How, Then, Shall We Live? Much of spiritual practice is just this
Time Out of Ordinary Time Practices to comfort, nourish, and prepare us to re-dream the world in a time of pandemic.
Guerilla Compassion Urging to offer silent blessings to everyone you meet in your day.
The Shared Pain of Being Human Counsel on using our own pain to deepen our sense of connection to and compassion for the rest of our human family.
Nobody Special An exercise for exploring how often we feel special, different, or somehow set apart, and the freedom that comes from being ordinary.
A Day of Silence Recommendations for spending a day in silence and stillness.