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The Mystic Hours Wayne Teasdale on ecstatic joy as participation in the inner life of God.
A Monk in the World Wayne Teasdale on tough grace as the Divine's way of reaching souls.
The Mystic Heart Wayne Teasdale on spiritual practice as the key to personal transformation.
A Monk in the World Wayne Teasdale on the history of Chinese oppression of the Tibetan people and what the world can learn from direct participation in Tibet's nonviolent struggle for freedom.
Awakening The Spirit, Inspiring the Soul Thirty stories of interspiritual discovery in the community of faiths.
Bede Griffiths Bede Griffiths' innovative thoughts about interfaith encounters, or hospitality to another's beliefs.
The Mystic Hours Insights and inspirational material from the mystical traditions.
Awakening The Spirit, Inspiring the Soul Insights gained by these spiritual pioneers from experiencing different religious traditions.
A Monk in the World Practices that can be done in the city where pluralism, interfaith encounter, and a contemplative lifestyle stretch our souls.
Bede Griffiths A focus on the legacies of this Benedictine monk who pointed the way into the future with his practices and ideas on multifaith experiences.