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Café Society A romantic comedy about the heartbreak of being in love with love.
Magic in the Moonlight A delightful romantic comedy with enchanting performances by Emma Stone and Colin Firth.
Blue Jasmine A Woody Allen dramady with plenty of sparks and sizzle about the fall of a selfish woman who is a member of America's "Winning Class."
To Rome with Love A multi-story film with warnings about the dangers and delusions of love, marriage, fame, and the need to control everything that shows up in our lives.
Midnight in Paris A Woody Allen classic with Paris as an enchanting backdrop, some appealing characters, and a potpourri of witty one-liners.
Vicky Cristina Barcelona A breezy romantic comedy from Woody Allen about the different shades of love.
Sweet and Lowdown Woody Allen's fictionalized biography of a legendary American jazz guitarist set in the 1930s.
Small Time Crooks A Woody Allen comedy that suggests that the biggest crime is pretending to be something you are not.
Celebrity Pinpoints the excessive role of celebrities in American culture.
Annie Hall A rollicking exploration of one paranoid fellow's tangled world of love and loss.