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Eating and Preparing Food as a Spiritual Practice Reframing the experience of food using the 37 practices in the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy.
I Have Arrived A walking meditation for peace and joy in the here and now.
Body Scan with Compassionate Focus A practice for bringing kind awareness to our bodies.
Gatha Walking A walking meditation to cultivate a sense of "hereness."
Music for Yoga Practice Using music to connect you with the instrument inside you.
Summoning Grace A practice for exploring movement in your body.
Working with Doubts Doubt as something we walk through as we deepen our faith.
Your Contemplation Style Donald Altman on learning how to practice your own contemplation style.
Relaxing the Body Guidance for letting tension go and re-energizing your mind and body.
Anoint Yourself for Pilgrimage A practice to honor and celebrate our dreams and journeys.