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Godspeed Roger D. Joslin's description of bringing sacredness to his speed work.
Running as Ritual Explanation of how to make a run a ritual of devotion.
Making Every Action into Worship Intentional prayers to heighten awareness of God before such activities as getting up, showering, eating, and going to work.
Movement Is Good for You Encouragement to be transformed by your inner child's dance.
Developing the Inner Visionary Clear, concrete practices for inner development.
A Journey to the Center A spiritual exercise for the walk inward to the centerpoint.
Skipping as a Posture of Joy Urging to skip as a holy act of play and prayer.
True Destiny Ten practices to warm the heart and fill the soul with joy.
Get Rid of Negative Energy Tips for dispelling the energy of a difficult day or encounter.
Enthusiastic Singing Letting yourself go as you sing with courage and strength.
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