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Invoking the Divine A call to make invoking the Divine a part of your daily life.
What Is Truth? A body prayer and chant to let go of illusion and open to truth.
Hitbodedut A prayer practice to release and make space for a renewed spirit.
The Five Levels of Soul Guided visualization and chanting to prompt a mystical experience of your soul.
Reframing Gelt A way to practice the mitzvah of learned giving.
In the Image of G*d An embodied meditation on the letters yud hey vav hey.
Morning Blessings A daily devotional practice to evoke your awareness and gratitude for your body and soul.
Evening Blessings A nightly devotional practice for peace and protection.
Daf Yomi: A Page A Day Counsel on daily study of the Talmud.
Offering Prayers and Making Your Own Blessings Encouragement to mark the moments of our lives with sacred words.