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Dragonfly A discussion guide to the movie "Dragonfly" directed by Tom Shadyac. Recommended for people interested in finding spirituality at the movies.
Practicing Democracy in Your Neighborhood Strengthening democracy by starting with its local roots.
Practicing Democracy Online Practices that foster healthy and wise engagements with one another online.
Practicing Democracy at Work Practices for seeking and expressing democratic values and virtues in the workplace.
Practicing Democracy with Children Practices to encourage children’s engagement with democracy at home and in their communities.
Values & Visions Guides An introduction to the Values & Visions Guides to feature films, DVDs, and books; discussion guides for personal use or small groups on spiritual themes and personal experiences.
The Alchemist A discussion guide to Paulo Coelho's internationally popular fable about a spiritual quest.
Habits of the Heart: A Discussion Guide Questions and resources for further discussion about the book Habits of the Heart and the dialogue it begins about private and public life in contemporary America.
Things to Think and Talk About After Viewing Bully Ten discussion probes on the documentary for use in preventing bullying.
Spiritual Literacy DVDs - Viewer's Guides A complete list of links to the viewer's guides for each episode in the series.