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Hale Sofia Schatz and Shira Shaim in If the Buddha Came to Dinner Our ideas about what we eat
Detox Dinner A recommendation for being fully present at least one dinner a week.
Making Every Action into Worship Intentional prayers to heighten awareness of God before such activities as getting up, showering, eating, and going to work.
God Be A grace (food prayer) asking for God's presence.
Thy Goodness An expression of gratitude for all the goodness God provides.
The Blessing of God An example of a grace (food prayer) from ancient Egypt.
The Good Bread A grace (food prayer) from children's author Monica Shannon.
Banquet of Love A Dominican grace for open hearts that love freely.
Donna Schaper in Prayers for People Who Say They Can't Pray A petition on behalf of everyone.
I Thank All An offering of gratitude for the gifts of creation.