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Mindful Consumption A vow for mindful and healthful consumption for the good of ourselves, our families, and our society.
The Five Contemplations Thich Nhat Hanh's five contemplations for mealtime.
Hale Sofia Schatz and Shira Shaim in If the Buddha Came to Dinner Our ideas about what we eat
Detox Dinner A recommendation for being fully present at least one dinner a week.
Making Every Action into Worship Intentional prayers to heighten awareness of God before such activities as getting up, showering, eating, and going to work.
God Be A grace (food prayer) asking for God's presence.
Thy Goodness An expression of gratitude for all the goodness God provides.
The Good Bread A grace (food prayer) from children's author Monica Shannon.
The Blessing of God An example of a grace (food prayer) from ancient Egypt.
Banquet of Love A Dominican grace for open hearts that love freely.