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Way of the Cross Fr. Daniel Lloyd’s adaptation of the “Way of the Cross” from Bishop Richard Challoner (1691-1781).
Seasons of Life A mindfulness practice for embracing the cycle of life.
Smoothing The Way A blessing used for someone close to death from the Carmina Gadelica.
Don't Jump Right out of Bed Waking gradually.
Amaze Your Friends and Confound Your Enemies Ideas for enhancing your personal fulfillment.
Arriving at Effortless Generosity Wisdom about embodying the four qualities of mature compassion.
Cultivating Presence and Radical Simplicity Advice on how to stay centered, caring, and present.
Offering Prayers and Making Your Own Blessings Encouragement to mark the moments of our lives with sacred words.
Vigils Mary Margaret Funk on the devotional practice of vigils.
Scattering Ashes Returning to a mix of Hindu and Appalachian heritage.