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An Ideal Curriculum A guided imagery practice to facilitate spiritual growth by imagining your death.
Gathering Ourselves Together An exercise to restore calm.
Flowing Light A nurturing prayer, inviting light to the body, a part of this world, or the whole earth.
Seung Sahn in Only Don't Know Together action is like washing potatoes.
Washing the Dishes and Clothes Description of bringing mindful attention to washing the dishes and washing clothes.
Contemplation on Interdependence Counsel on contemplating our interdependence and connections.
Loving the Differences A visualization exercise to help you honor other people's distinct paths.
Getting Grounded Tips for centering yourself before going online.
Honoring Your Holiness A Jewish spiritual practice for welcoming the stranger.
Self-awareness as a Path to Hospitality An exercise for practicing reverence toward yourself as you develop your capacity for hospitality to enemies.