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Coming and Going A practice for feeling your place in the constant motion of life.
The Struggles of the World Jane E. Vennard on imagining struggle and suffering in devotional prayers to attend to the need in our immediate situations.
Earth Energy Meditations A visualization for divine protection and well-being.
Entertaining Angels An imagery exercise for welcoming strangers.
Set Aside a Day of Solitude A spiritual exercise to help you explore the moods and meanings of winter.
Find a New Role Model A spiritual practice from the Brussat's "Summertime and Living Takes Practice."
Eight Worldly Winds Meditation Facing the Eight Worldly Winds Meditation.
Hands A worship service dedicating our hands to service.
Sadness A suggestion for those who are feeling emotionally depleted.
Peacemaking A guided meditation for fostering peace with a person with whom you are in conflict.