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Realizing Emptiness and Connection An analytical or observational meditation to develop wisdom.
Long-Standing, Recurrent, Painful Patterns A 15-minute embodied imagination practice for transforming recurring upset or conflict.
Embracing Common Humanity A guided meditation for recognizing the profound similarities between you and all others.
We Are One A meditation and prayer for embodying the compassionate Spirit of Jesus.
The Antidote to Envy An imagery exercise for replacing envy with love.
Cradling the Breath An imagery exercise to help us be present without attachment.
How to Recognize Global Human Rights Reflections and imagery exercises to devote your energies to the many rather than the few.
Monster Parade An exercise for viewing difficult emotions as if they are on parade in front of you.
Speaking and Listening Advice and an image for speaking and listening with soft eyes and light touch.
Deep Happiness Encouragement to find joy in performing acts of kindness regularly.