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Civilizing Your World Instructions for bringing civility to your lifestyle, community, and the world.
Being Human A unity mantra that helps you affirm that anything that happens to anybody can happen to you.
Socrates' Cave A sample of exercises from Socrates on self-examination and on finding meaning in viewpoints that differ from yours.
Developing Empathy Daniel Goleman on the Dalai Lama's comments about the importance of empathy as a spiritual practice.
Facing Fear Advice on lessening your fear while serving others.
Sophia's Guidance A journal exercise for receiving Sophia's guidance and wisdom.
The Voices of Fear Direction to distinguish the health and unhealthy voices of fear.
Hello There Thich Nhat Hanh on transforming bad energy habits.
Three Objects, Three Poisons, and Three Seeds of Virtue A practice for transforming our poisons into virtues.
Fresh Eyes Encouragement to be open to the transformation possible through reading and being moved by John Shea's Gospel Light.