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Right View One of the practices of the Eightfold Noble Path in Buddhism.
The Welcoming Practice A three-step process of turning from the false self’s reactivity to emotional or physical pain to God’s sustaining and transformative presence.
Making a Faith Dossier Encouragement to deepen your self-knowledge through your outer and inner experience of religion and spirituality.
Spiritual Generosity A daily question for cultivating the best in yourself and others.
Daily Good A daily practice for enthusiasm, resilience, and optimism.
Finding Your Proper Place A mantra and reflection on humility.
Finding the Gift in the Mistake Counsel on finding what went right when you think things have gone wrong.
Honor A mantra and reflection to help you stop judging and calm your soul.
Feeling Empathy for Fellow Human Beings Guidance for developing a key skill in emotional intelligence.
The Antidote to Envy An imagery exercise for replacing envy with love.