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Keeping a Grief Journal Prompts for a journal to record your emotions and concerns while grieving.
Honor Your Limits A reflection on honoring what is yours to do and what is not.
Not Your Fault, But Still Your Problem An exercise for acceptance of the shared responsibility to keep white-body supremacy from spreading.
What We Face Preparation for activism as a form of healing and expression of regard, caring, compassion, and love.
Intuition A practice to help you pay better attention to your intuition.
Retiring Our Doer Contemplative questions for just being instead of doing.
Pay Attention to the Coincidences Encouragement to cultivate "synchrodestiny."
The Stories We Tell A prompt to let go of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves that do not serve us.
Experiencing the God of Nature A nature meditation to get in touch with awe of the elements.
Making a Faith Dossier Encouragement to deepen your self-knowledge through your outer and inner experience of religion and spirituality.