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Dear God, My Son Prays (1992) An excerpt from a father's response to his son's prayer for a healthy paranoia because of the social ills he sees and feels as a young black person.
Good Friday Declarations of Awareness (1972) A supplication for trust in God for all that is needed to stand against evil.
Help Me as a Citizen A request for God's help in finding and expressing our voice in civic engagement.
Prayer for Charity and a Preferential Option for the Poor A plea to be moved to compassionate action and social justice.
Who We Really Are A prayer for truth and perseverance in the face of tragedy.
A Peace Psalm A sacred offering based on chapter thirty-one of the Tao Te Ching.
A Rainbow A prayer for bringing our hearts together.
Some Work of Peace A prayer to be an instrument of compassion, faith, hope, justice, love and peace.
For Thine is The Kingdom A beautiful rendering of the Lord's Prayer on behalf of all God's children throughout the world.
God Bless... A petition for God's blessings of our days and nights, our homes and lands...