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Ending Racism Clyde W. Ford on how to create a personal vision of what ending racism means to you.
Civilizing Your World Instructions for bringing civility to your lifestyle, community, and the world.
Recite Mantras for Loving-Kindness A recommendation to create your own loving-kindness mantra based on your vision for our country and our world.
Replenish Yourself Ways to counter burnout and create flourishing and fulfilling lives.
Develop a Plan for Disaster Preparedness A recommendation to foster connections and incorporate your spirituality in disaster preparedness and response.
Examine Your Motivation Encouragement to regularly consider the intentions underlying our actions.
Promote Equality Ideas for promoting equality through affirming commonalities and recognizing the presence of the sacred in others.
Do a Self-Assessment Suggestions for improving and acting on our self-awareness.
Face the Fear Prompts for transforming and replacing fear.
Practice Patience Wisdom about cultivating patience and suggestions for doing so.