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Some Work of Peace A prayer to be an instrument of compassion, faith, hope, justice, love and peace.
Uprooting Racism Basic tactics for taking a stand against racial injustice.
Prayer for Injustice A prayer by Mother Teresa of Calcutta for those in the world suffering from injustice.
You Are What You Eat Counsel on the importance of justice regarding the source of your food.
Doing Justice Wearing violet as a reminder of God's justice.
Hold Family Councils Encouragement to use family councils as a commitment to the common good of your family and community.
Devote Hobbies to the Common Good Encouragement to connect the hobbies you enjoy to the causes you support.
A Prayer for Zeal A prayer to have zeal for God, for life, for justice and for peace.
Follow the Money Grounds for fact-checking political claims and knowing their financial source.
Bridge the Gap A recommendation to learn each other's stories and put ourselves in each other's shoes.