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Anniversary of the Launch of NASA's Voyager 1 A spectacular space mission that's still harvesting wonders after more than 40 years.
A Still Lake A short meditation on acceptance and stillness.
Mindfulness First-Aid Kit Directions for putting together your own tools to support your mindfulness practice.
I'm Here I'm Not Here A way to develop equanimity by playing with being and nonbeing.
Finding the Potential in Pain Instructions for dealing with pain that arises in meditation.
Nodding to a Computer A way to foster gratitude and connections.
The Heart of Compassion A meditation to awaken our hearts and encompass pain with compassion.
Nightly Reflection A daily practice to help us shift from I-as-a-me to I-as-Awareness.
Right Now A mindfulness exercise to increase your self-knowledge.
Plant Spirit Apprenticeship A process from shaman Eliot Cowan for opening to a plant spirit first outdoors and then through a dream state.