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Meditating on Stream of Conscious Moments A practice for opening yourself to direct experience of the present.
Resting in Awareness A short meditation for settling in, restoring balance, and gaining perspective.
Realizing Emptiness and Connection An analytical or observational meditation to develop wisdom.
No Solid Self An analytical meditation to help develop wisdom and understanding of the self.
Anniversary of the Launch of NASA's Voyager 1 A spectacular space mission that's still harvesting wonders after more than 40 years.
Mindfulness of Breathing A lush description of the collectedness that is mindfulness of breathing.
What Is This? A question practice that connects meditation to everyday life.
Pay Attention to the Coincidences Encouragement to cultivate "synchrodestiny."
Seasons of Life A mindfulness practice for embracing the cycle of life.
Passage Meditation A concentrative meditation on an inspirational passage.