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Mighty Nature A psalm prayer for the night prayer with the theme of “Living Earth.”
Helping Migratory Birds Actions children can take to make migration safer for birds, especially in urban areas.
Connecting with the God of Water A visualization to encounter Poseidon.
Flower Meditation Replenishing your energy by focusing on a flower's wonder.
Five Senses Forest Bathing An active form of meditation to ground you in the natural environment and connect you to both the forest and yourself.
Sit Spot An exercise to do while you are in a forest or other spot of nature.
Sensing A practice for sensing the many-ness and the one-ness of being.
The Cycles of Nature A recommendation to find reassurance in immersing yourself in nature.
Experiencing the God of Nature A nature meditation to get in touch with awe of the elements.
The Canticle of Compassion Meditation, prayer, and reflection on St. Francis' Canticle.