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Birthday of Issa Read haiku in honor of the Japanese poet who wrote hundreds of poems about bugs.
Prayer of the Streetlight A prayer using our imagination to empathize with a streetlight.
Oneness A petition for God's help in seeing the oneness beyond our differences and protection for us all.
For the Unknown Enemy A reflection on the unknown good in our enemies.
In Times of Anger Thinking with your heart.
The World's Need A reminder to be kind.
Prayer of Awareness Seeing God in all things.
Three Poems and an Exercise Three poems, a snippet from a novel, and an imaginative exercise all seek to open our hearts and minds to the reality of death.
Reading Naomi Shihab Nye's "Kindness" A poem that draws out our humanity.
Rest in Peace: September 11, 2001 A Spiritual Perspective on the World Trade Center Tragedy written as an "I am" poem/prayer.